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novakfans's Journal

B.J. Novak Fans
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the community
Welcome to novakfans, a community dedicated to all things regarding the very talented B.J. Novak. B.J. is currently one of the writers and stars of NBC's The Office, as well as a stand-up comedian who still tours. Please join the community to see posts!

the rules.

- All posts must pertain to B.J.! Otherwise, there's no point in posting it here.
- Please keep all posts friend's locked.
- Respect the other members! Those who choose to act ignorant will be banned.
- If you post an article, please link back to the original source.
- All pic spams should be put under an LJ cut.
- Do not disable comments on any post.
- Icon/graphics posts are allowed, but should also be posted behind LJ cuts.
- Please use the tagging feature for the community. It will keep things more organized.
- Enjoy!

the affiliates

michael_temp, krasinski_daily, the_dundies, ontd_theoffice

If you would like to be an affiliate, please comment here.

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